Instone Army: Where Building Communities Builds Rewards

Work Hard, Play Hard, Get Rewarded

At Instone, hard work, dedication, and building strong relationships are top priorities, and the Instone Army ambassador program reflects that culture. 

This program has been instrumental in fostering customer loyalty, boosting sales, and providing valuable insights. Let’s face it, our people are busy with boots on the ground, outside hard at work from sunrise to sunset, so we needed to create something that was as easy to participate in — and almost as rewarding — as cracking open a beer at the end of a day. 

As an Instone Army Ambassador, you can look forward to exciting benefits, giveaways, and partnerships that will enhance your experience and help you grow your business. 

Instone’s COO/CMO Rob McKay shares his thoughts on the Instone Army’s bright future.

Rob Mckay headshot
Rob Mckay, COO/CMO

Has the Instone Army helped the company to make business decisions based on customer insights, requests, and behavior? 

Yes! The program has helped us better connect to both our dealer customers and the craftsmen that install our products.  We have begun to create a community that shares ideas, shows off their incredible work, and offers insight into what is important to our customers. 

We’ve taken the approach of listening to the community, discovering new products, creating solutions that fill the voids, and solving challenges.

What benefits are there of being part of the Instone Army Community? 

The community is a place where contractors, masons, and builders can come together and share their ideas, projects, and expertise. Through the Instone Army community section, they can submit activities, share their projects, and tell us what they love (and don’t) about what we do.

We’re all about team building and transparency and the community helps us stay true to those roots.

How do you see the Army growing and changing? 

I’m excited to see how the Army will continue to grow.  The goal is to create a community that helps grow, strengthen, and educate all within the masonry and hardscape industry.  We expect if we deliver on that commitment that others will want to join and contribute, resulting in an even stronger community that helps and benefits all.

Concrete Services Instone Army Pic
The Concrete Service Inc. and their Instone Army swag. 

What does the program have to offer in 2023?

There are benefits to joining; members can earn points that can be used to claim some great rewards.  As Army Ambassadors engage with our content, share their projects, and complete missions, they increase their point earning potential. 

Rewards range from sweet Instone gear, to cool personalized swag, and tools like an iQ saw.  As the reward program grows, there will be potential rewards to include a professional video/photo shoot with our talented InDigital Team that can be used to promote Army Member businesses and much more!

Instone Army graphic

How does The Army reflect the culture inside Instone? 

It’s a direct reflection of the culture here. Based on the idea of “Work Hard, Play Hard,” our community is focused on being the best in the industry. From providing the best quality products and supporting our network with the highest level of service and professionalism.  And when the day is done, we ensure that we leave time to have fun with our team and work on building the relationships that will reinforce the strength of Instone and the Instone Army.

Instone Army CTA

P.S. New to the Army? You can earn extra points by commenting on why you signed up! Comment below & use the app to claim your points.


  1. Loving being apart of the instone army! so easy to earn points and promote yourself!
    Looking forward to that carhart! 🙂

  2. I really like being apart of the Instone Army because it keeps me up to date on new products, and design ideas. I also really enjoy this because of the points I can use toward prizes, those are always great fun!

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