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We have tried to make it easy and efficient to understand all of the different items you will need for your given installation.  Isokern Fireplaces are very versatile and allow many different options.

  • Non-Combustible Floor with Isokern Chimney is most similar to a traditional site-built masonry fireplace.  This application allows the use of the DM54 (Dual Module) Chimney System.
  • Non-Combustible Floor with Class A Chimney is typically used when a flush hearth is desired.  This is easily achieved by removing the base plate of the Isokern Fireplace.  The only difference in materials needed between this and installing over a Combustible floor is the Metal Stand with Insulation Blanket.
  • Combustible Floor with Class A Chimney is a unique benefit of Isokern Fireplaces.  This application, called a Firelite Application, creates the possibility to construct a wood-burning fireplace over a combustible floor.  Due to the lightweight nature of Iskoern Fireplaces, combined with the use of a Class A chimney system, there is typically no need for additional structural support.
  • The Isokern B-Vent (IBV) is a Gas Only top vented appliance and is a complete fireplace system.  The IBV system includes safety components; gas log burner and the Stadium Burner log set.
  • The Isokern Vent Free fireplace provides the elegance of a true masonry fireplace in areas where a chimney may not be feasible.  The Vent Free can be installed in more non-traditional areas of the house such as under a window or within an entertainment area.
  • Maximus is the first ever masonry direct vent gas fireplace, connecting you with the beautiful, captivating power of fire in the comfort of your own home.