Non-Combustible Floor w/Isokern Chimney

The Isokern Fireplace, when used with the DM54 Chimney System, is installed in a similar manner as a traditional site-built masonry fireplace - only easier. 


Due it the unique reflective properties of an Isokern Fireplace, these fireplaces will burn hotter and cleaner than a traditional site built masonry fireplace.  Not only will an Isokern Fireplace and DM54 Chimney System perform better than a site-built masonry fireplace, but it is also much easier to install. 


The exploded diagram to the right is intended to provide a listing of the components needed to complete this type of application.


This video is a demonstration of how this type of installation is performed.

Note:  This video is a visual representation only – for complete installation requirements and instructions, please be sure to read the installation instructions.