Transform your home from ordinary to extraordinary with Pangaea Natural Stone® thin veneer. Instone’s premium quality stone veneer comes in a variety of colors and textures, providing the perfect solution for upgrading your home’s curb appeal and outdoor spaces. Pangaea is installation ready and ideal for siding, fireplaces, walls, and more. 

Enhance the beauty and value of your property today with the next level in stone veneer.

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Pangaea® Natural Stone Veneer produces high-quality building products at a price point comparable to manufactured stone. Why purchase a faux building product when you can own a handcrafted premium material with Pangaea®? 

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Versatile & Innovative

Pangaea Swatches

With 33 color variations and 7 hand-crafted stone veneer profiles to choose from, Pangaea® offers design choices for all styles and preferences. See our full offerings here. The veneer also features grip set technology and panel packaging ready for quick and easy installation by your contractor, remodeler or mason. 

Pangaea also uses state-of-the-art technology and merge it with highly skilled stone artisans to create an extraordinary product that is consistent predictable.

People & planet friendly

Say no to waste and rubble. Pangaea averages 2% waste compared to the competitors 20%. Did we mention that Pangaea® is focused on long-term sustainable development? Reducing waste and CO2 emissions, recycling water and giving back to the environment and communities are core pillars of the company.

Beautiful & Durable

Pangaea Fieldstone House

Pangaea® Natural Stone adds a timeless look and feel to any home. With a lifelong warranty you can trust that Pangaea will last. Natural stone requires little to no maintenance and will not fade in color like concrete, fiber cement, wood, or vinyl. It’s also five and a half times stronger than the compressive strength of commercial concrete.

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