Artepiso 3D Wall Tile Painted Black

Light and easy to install, Artepiso 3D architectural tile adheres to most surfaces with a simple and inexpensive installation. Reimagine interiors with fresh new lines and modern designs that will set your next project apart. For the utmost versatility and customization, Artepiso tiles can also be painted.

Artepiso maintains its commitment to the environment by reusing all water and using no artificial light during the production process. Made with architectural concrete, this innovative material for the creation of shapes and textures that cannot be replicated using any other materials.

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How To Install 3D Architectural Wall Tile

Creating a feature wall in your kitchen, living room or office doesn’t need to be difficult. All Artepiso 3D architectural tile is manufactured to the highest standards so that even intricate designs come out looking great. It’s as simple as prepping your wall, laying out your design and applying adhesive. You’ll need a few tools as well, but whether you’re an Interior Design professional, contractor or DIY enthusiast this quick video will get you on your way to a beautiful room.

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