Saw Cutting Stone - Virginia Abrasives

Virginia Abrasives is a partner company of Instone that specializes in the manufacturing and supply of abrasives, diamond tooling and equipment to the construction market. 

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At Virginia Abrasives you’ll find a full line of masonry, tile, and paver blades designed for your needs. Choose from standard, multi-purpose, premium diamond, turbo rim blades and more. Whether you have general purpose work or specialty needs such as high speed continuous cuts, wet cutting, or dry cutting, you’ll find a blade made for that purpose.

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Diamond Blade Selection Tool

Ideal Uses for Diamond Abrasives

Do you have the correct bond and diamond concentration for the surface you’re trying to cut? Whether you’re looking to cut granite, flagging, pavers, stone, porcelain or brick, knowing you have the right blade for the job can make all the difference. When choosing a blade bond, max RPM (revolutions per minute), segment design and size will all come into play. Check out the saw blade chart to compare uses.