Instone's Fabrication and Design Services

When you need custom stone work, Instone offers dedicated in-house fabrication and design teams. We can work with you on any type of project to do custom cut-to-size and finishes for our Aura® Natural Stone Landscapes products. We can also be your partner in the design of large-scale projects offering project management solutions, estimating, engineering and global sourcing of stone products.

Fabrication Services

Our fabrication team can provide stone cuts and finishes to help you create the design aesthetic you desire – from rustic and rugged to modern and polished. When your workload or equipment are limiting your productivity in the field look no further than Instone to support your needs. Don’t waste time and effort hand cutting and finishing on site, let us help keep you on time and in budget.  Current lead times are 1-2 weeks.

Here is a Sampling of What's Possible:

Outdoor Kitchens

Take your outdoor kitchen to the next level with custom countertop finishes and designs.

Outdoor Kitchens

Leather Finish

Most countertop finishes come standard as thermal, but our fabrication team can give you a unique leather finish – a honed, matte look with a slight texture.



You don’t need to worry about your appliances fitting into your outdoor kitchen. Our fabrication team can cut stonework to fit around any appliance. So go ahead and get the retro oven, we’ll make it work!

Custom Edge Profiles

our state of the art diamond router tooling and splitters can wrap your kitchen with unique custom edging and finishes. No matter what type of stone is specified for the project our precision equipment is calibrated to the hardness of the material. Some of our most popular edge finish options are:

  • 1/8”, ¼” 3/8”Eased Top & Bottom

  • Bullnose

  • Rockface

  • Leather


Create transitions between your home’s stonework and your siding by incorporating custom sills. Our fabrication team can provide specific cuts, profiles and angles to work


Custom Lengths

No matter what size you need, we can cut to order


Edge Finishes

give your project some personality with edge finishes, such as rockface, thermal or shotblast

Shed water off the building and reduce the risk of mold and leaks with a Drip edge kerf cut on the underside

Fire Pit Caps

Dress up your fire pit with custom stone caps around the top. You’ll make a standard product more unique and fitting for your outdoor patio design.

Fire Pit Caps

Custom Lengths

No matter what size you need, we can cut to order


Edge Finishes

give your project some personality with edge finishes, such as rockface, thermal or shotblast

Spa Coping

Whether you have an attached or adjacent spa to your pool, you can match the coping stone for a consistent design throughout. Or create a unique look for a standalone spa.

Spa Coping

Cut To Fit

create a round, square or rectangular spa – radial (curved) or straight cut available


Lean Back and Relax

provide a smooth place to loosen up. Eased and bullnose edging available in thermal or shotblast finishes

Not sure where to start? Fill out the form below and we can help you get started!

Stair Treads & Wall Caps

Top off your steps or walls with durable natural stone and give your hardscaping a tailored look.

Stair Treads & Wall Caps

Choose The Cut

Radial (curved) or straight


Any Length

simply provide measurements for length needed and we’ll provide the correct cut



choose between split-faced or thermal edges

Monolithic Steps

Stone steps are durable and will last a lifetime. They’re not only functional but also beautiful. Standard steps are seven inches high – that leaves the outward face of the step open for customization.

Monolithic Steps

Find Your Edge

choose from different finishes for a rustic or modern look such as rockface, thermal or shotblast


Seven-Inch Steps Available

need a shorter step? Opt for Silver Ridge or Blue Mist in six inches.

Materials Available

Design Services

Our Design Service department offers stone project management solutions including estimating, value engineering, fabrication, global stone sourcing and stone scheduling. We’ll be your partner in large-scale projects from full backyard renovations to commercial campuses.

Case Studies

Our Team Worked on a College Campus Courtyard That Included:

  • Quote: 3-5 Weeks
  • Shop Drawings/Approvals: 4-6 Weeks
  • Fabrication: 18-50 Weeks
  • Delivery: 1 Week per container
  • Material: Sandy Point & Willow Creek

Our Rooftop Terrace Project Consisted of:

  • Quote: 1-5 days
  • Shop Drawings/Approvals: 3-6 Weeks
  • Fabrication: 5-8 Weeks
  • Delivery: 1 Week
  • Material: Stanstead, Honed

Meet Our Team

Instone’s Fabrication and Design Services

The Fabrication Team

Christine Quersher

Fabrication Manager

What is your specific role on the fabrication team? 

As Fabrication Manager, I manage a team of three and it’s my responsibility to ensure that all of the custom fabrication orders are completed within our committed deadlines. It is also my responsibility to get our custom fabrication orders into production in a timely manner with the appropriate materials to ensure that lead times are met.  If we have an expected delay in meeting the lead time given once a project is in production, I am in contact with our customers to be sure they are notified in real-time.

What exactly is fabrication? 

Fabrication is a custom order created to a customer’s specific requests.  Every fabrication is unique in its own because there are many materials, sizes and finish options to choose from to start the project.  We would need to know the exact measurements of each piece of stone, the edge finish and top finishes.

Why are Instone’s fabrication services the best in the biz? 

Our fabricators have different levels of experience.  Each of our fabricators have and specialize in their own “expertise” but we are always working as a team.  We have cross trained our fabricators so that we can be sure to have the entire team knowledgeable on what we offer and can produce confidently.

Al Johnson

Fabrication Team member

What is your specific role on the fabrication team? 

My role is Bridge Saw Operator, I answer questions by my team and keep work tickets moving smoothly. I make sure that the equipment is operating correctly and safely and ensure that employees follow all safety practices.

What are some of the options available for custom cuts?

Some of our options are rockfacing, thermaling, core drilling, sand blasting, leathering, bullnosing, eased edges, honing, and curve cutting

What are some of your most popular requests? 

The most popular requests are rockfacing, thermal, bullnosing for pool coping,, wall caps, hearths, steps, and circle packs for fire pits.

Meet Our Team

The Design Services Team

Zach Beaulieu

Design Services Manager

What is your specific role on the team? 

As  Design Services Manager, I oversee large-scale projects, providing estimates, stone solutions/options, placing purchase orders with our suppliers and providing my expertise to the team when needed. 

Where does Instone’s Design Team come in? 

In an ideal situation, my team comes in when the preliminary budget is being set, but this varies and often we come into play during the buyout process.  We offer stone project management solutions, which include estimating, value engineering, fabrication and domestic and global material sourcing.

What is the process of putting together a design for a large-scale project?

A client (homeowner, business owner, school, etc) will come to us after securing a landscape architect or designer. Once the client and designer have met, the designer will then develop a concept drawing.  When finished it will be presented to the client, revisions will be made, preliminary budgets created, contractors and vendors introduced etc.  If the client agrees to move forward a contract is created for the scope of work, buyout of materials, scheduling subs, permitting and construction process begins.

Nicole Blackburn

Senior Estimator

What is your specific role on the team? 

As Senior Estimator, I provide quotes, shop drawings, and answer any questions. After working here for three years I believe my knowledge in this field is strong and that I can provide the services our clients need.

What services do you offer? 

We work with clients who need custom stone, whether it be a fire pit cap or an entire residential hardscape. We provide services from start to finish and work with clients to create a quote. If it is a large project, we provide our clients with shop drawings , which we revise until the project is ready to put into production. These are typically special order projects that are imported directly from the quarry. After our client signs off on the order, the stone is cut to spec. This is key because once all the revisions are complete and the order is ready to proceed our client is handsoff, we take it from there! Our clients have confidence in us because of the system and structure we have in place.  


What are the challenges homeowners/builders face in putting together a large design project? 

We are sent a plan set by our client and then we either perform a takeoff or are supplied with a stone schedule. There is specific information that we need to provide the best options possible, including lead time, dimensions, finishes and quantity. If the project is set to begin in 4+ months we have the opportunity to import the project from one of our many vendors. This gives our clients limitless options on material and finishes.