Backyard Makeover with Aura Natural Landscapes

Join us as we “rock out” over a couple of cold ones with product tips, special guests, trivia and friendly competition.

This Episode Features:

In this episode, we see the step-by-step transformation of a homeowner’s small wooden deck into a beautiful natural stone patio, complete with an outdoor fireplace. See what lies beneath your typical yard that’s layered like a cake of clay topsoil and aggregate base as we venture into a deep dig before pavers are put down. The finished the project calls for cocktails by the fire – of course! How much can a landscaped patio increase the value of a home? Tune in to find out on this small backyard makeover! 

Starring: Hosts Rob McKay and Ken Czechanski with special guest, homeowner Dylan Shaughnessy.

Did You Know?

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Time to Update?

Get More Value From Your Home

A landscaped patio can increase the value of your home by 12% or $45,000 (on average). And, by choosing natural stone your maintenance time and costs go down. That means more time to spend with family and friends on your beautiful patio.
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When & Why to use Polymeric Sand

Polymeric sand is recommended for patio pavers with joins 1/4" to 1 1/2" wide. Polymeric sand is a unique combination of fine grains and specific additive particles that allow it to fill the joints better than "regular" sand. It won't wash away in rain and provides lasting protection.
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Guess The Pattern

Yep! It's a French Pattern

This french pattern consists of several different size stones laid in different directions to create a unique look. This type of pattern adds interest to your patio layout. And, it's never to be confused with a running pattern where all of the stones are laid in a line in the same direction.
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Keeping It Beautiful

The Best Way to Clean Natural Stone is With Soap and Water

Check out ,The Do's & Don'ts for Caring for & Cleaning Your Natural Stone Patio, on our blog to get the full scoop.
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Products Featured:

Aura Natural Landscape: Add beauty and durability to outdoor spaces such as patios and pool decks. Aura is a premier natural landscaping product with a variety of color and stone options, including granite, limestone, pebbles, quartzite, sandstone, and Travertine.

Pangaea® Natural Stone: Beautiful natural stone veneers in several shapes and colors to compliment your design. Pre-cut, tooled, trimmed and fitted for faster installation. And, it features GripSet® Technology for superior adhesion.

Isokern Fireplaces: High-end indoor and outdoor fireplaces that can be installed in less than a day. Less expensive than a traditional masonry fireplace and will last a lifetime. Made from Icelandic volcanic pumice stone. Unique in its refractive properties, that reflects heat from the fire into the room instead of absorbing it like other fireplaces.

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