Like A Rolling Stone

Join us as we “rock out” over a couple of cold ones with product tips, special guests, trivia and friendly competition.

This Episode Features:

In this episode, we see just what Be.On Stone® panelized veneer looks like – on wheels. Our guest earns himself a cold one as he shares the benefits of Be.On Stone, including its patented D.RAIN system. Also, we demonstrate just how easy it is to install by making everyone’s favorite new guy, Ken, put it on a wall with no prior training.

Starring: Hosts Rob McKay and Ken Czechanski with special guest, Paul Hartigan, Be.On Stone Specialist

Products Featured:

Be.On Stone®: a mechanically-fastened, screw-on stone veneer panel that can quickly transform a wall in just a few hours. Features a patented D.Rain water management system, allowing water and moisture to automatically drain to the bottom of the wall, preventing leaks and mildew.

Be.On Stone® Did You Know?

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Be.On Stone® Only Requires 5 Tools To Install!

That's right! Be.On Stone® only requires access to a tile saw, a grinder with a diamond blade, a screw gun, a tape measure and a level to install!
Watch A DIY Installation

Be.On Stone® Only Requires One Panel For Inside/Outside Corners!

One panel does it all. No need for complex measurements. All you need is to asses your square footage, cut the stone, trim the plastic on the back and your corners are ready!
See How To Make Corners

Be.on Stone® Has a 50 Year Warranty!

With Be.On Stone® there is no need to worry about product failure, you can ensure a dry home.
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The D.Rain System Behind the Stone Prevents Moisture and Mold Behind the Wall

No one wants mold in their home! With the D.Rain system, you don't have to worry. Not only does it prevent mold and moisture, but it is the key to holding those panels in place.
Watch How D.Rain Works

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