Invasion of the Clone Stones

Join us as we “rock out” over a couple of cold ones with product tips, special guests, trivia and friendly competition.

This Episode Features:

Can you tell the difference between real stone and “clone stones”? We learned about Cultured Stone, a leader in the manufactured stone industry and how stones are the celebrities of the veneer world. Speaking of which, our host and guest get into a rousing game of guessing celebrities from celebrity lookalikes. Who will win? Tune in to find out!

Starring: Hosts Rob McKay and Ken Czechanski with special guest Joe Marxkor, Westlake Royal Stone Solutions Sales Manager.

What's The Difference Between Cultured Stone & Other Stones?

Test your knowledge below!

Cultured Stone or Natural Stone?

The Real Cultured Stone® Is...Stone 2

Thanks to the artisans at Cultured Stone® it's very difficult to tell the difference just by looking at the stone. From the detailed stone face to the intricate color patterns Cultured Stone® will make you a believer.
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Something in Common?

They're Both Used As Generic Terms

When a brand is the gold standard or identified as the go to product within a category, the brand name can become synonymous with the generic term. In the case of Cultured Stone® it is often thought that all manufactured stone is Cultured Stone®. But that's not true. The unique molding and coloring process they use elevate it above other types of manufactured stone.
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Cultured Stone or Natural Stone?

Cultured Stone®

The Caramel Country Ledgestone shown here compliments the natural stone around the pool area to create a timeless look.
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Cultured Stone or Natural Stone?

This homes exterior features Cultured Stone®

Echo Ridge Southern Ledgestone makes this house a home. Warm, inviting and made to last.
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Products Featured:

Cultured Stone: A manufactured stone veneer that looks like real stone – only better. With consistent color, quality and weight, Cultured Stone is produced environmentally-friendly with a minimum of 54% recycled content.

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