Going Big with Isokern® Fireplaces

Join us as we “rock out” over a couple of cold ones with product tips, special guests, trivia and friendly competition.

This Episode Features:

In this episode, Rob is back on the road. This time, he’s at the World Equestrian Center in Ocala, Florida to witness the installation of four Isokern® Fireplaces in the center’s five-star hotel. See what it takes to install a massive seven-foot-long fireplace and how the mortar used is different from traditional mortar. Can you guess how many gallons of adhesive it takes to install an Isokern® Fireplace? Tune in to find out.

Starring: Hosts Rob McKay and Ken Czechanski with special guest Andy Perrone of Earthcore.

Did You Know?

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Isokern® Materials Ship on a Pallet!

Looking to create your own 7 foot wide fireplace? What about a more traditional size? The materials would be shipped on a pallet and would simply need to be removed and staged in the area where the fireplace would be.
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Isokern Fireplaces Require Earthcore Adhesive

Different from your traditonal mortar, Earthcore Adhesive is specificially designed for Isokern® Pumice fireplaces. Add water to the bucket, mix until it is a toothpaste like texture and you are good to start building!
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No Worries if Pieces of Your Isokern® Fireplace are Cracked!

This is normal due to the vibrations that occur while shipping. All you need to do take the Earthcore Adhesive and parge the joint and you're good to keep building!
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Isokern® Moulds Are Extremely Uniform!

A distinct advantage of Isokern products is that Isokern® invests their resources into ensuring that each mould is the same and uniform time after time. Many competitors may not be able to get the same consistency in each piece.
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Products Featured:

Isokern Fireplaces®: a high-end indoor and outdoor fireplaces that can be installed in less than a day. Less expensive than a traditional masonry fireplace and will last a lifetime. Made from Icelandic volcanic pumice stone. Unique in its refractive properties that reflects heat from the fire into the room instead of absorbing it like other fireplaces.

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