What’s The Story With Natural Stone?

Join us as we “rock out” over a couple of cold ones with product tips, special guests, trivia and friendly competition.

This Episode Features:

Where do all those beautiful stone patios and landscapes come from? Our guest host along with Instone experts reveal the origins of natural stone products and explain what makes natural stone so special. Learn all the great places you can use natural stone from walkways to backyard kitchens. 

But the real question in this episode is how many White Castle’s can a man eat? Tune in for the Midwest vs East Coast Challenge!. Who wins? How many do they eat? We’re not telling. You have to watch to find out!

Starring: Hosts Instone COO and CMO Rob McKay and InDigital Video Producer Ken Czechanski with special guest, Instone New England Sales Manager, Jake Alicandro

Guess The Stone

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One of the oldest & hardest rocks in the world, granite features course grain-like patterns created by densely packed crystals.


Whether installed indoors or out, limestone is durable enough to last a lifetime.


Pebbles make a wonderful addition to landscape designs, in both eco-friendly and decorative applications.


Quartzite begins as sandstone and transforms after undergoing intense heat and pressure, eventually being quarried just like marble or granite.


Used in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications, sandstone is a great choice for wall cladding, outdoor patios, stepping stones, sculptures, and more.


Travertine, a type of limestone, is slip-resistant, making it a great choice for pool decking and other bath or shower applications.

Products Featured:

Aura Natural Landscape: Add beauty and durability to outdoor spaces such as patios and pool decks. Aura is a premier natural landscaping product with a variety of color and stone options, including granite, limestone, pebbles, quartzite, sandstone, and Travertine.

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