Getting Creative with Artepiso® Indoor 3D Tile

Join us as we “rock out” over a couple of cold ones with product tips, special guests, trivia and friendly competition.

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In this episode, we go inside to talk about accent walls and a product that could make your Zoom background a hit at your next meeting. Our special guest shares everything to know about Artepiso® 3D tile: how easy it is to install and how aesthetically versatile it can be by using paint or playing with lighting. Speaking of color, can you guess what color our guest will do her hair next? Tune in to find out!

Starring: Hosts Rob McKay and Ken Czechanski with special guest, Samantha Espino, Customer Service for Instone.

Did You Know?

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Artepiso® Can be Painted to Create Your Own Look and Style!

There are a couple of ways to paint. You can use a sprayer, a roller or even a basic paint brush! We recommend using latex paint for the interiors. Sprayer's tend to create a more uniform look across the tiles.
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Artepiso is Especially Popular in Commercial Spaces!

Artepiso® is perfect for hotel lobbys, conference rooms, offices and more! Artepiso® is also great for the home whether it'd be the dining room, the bedroom or around a fireplace.
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There are 8 Different Profiles of Artepiso Tile!

Add depth and dimension in any room with a variety of different Artepiso® profiles from hexagonal patterns, chevron patterns, diamond patterns and more. You can even mix and match certain profiles!
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Artepiso is Extremely Easy to Install

Artepiso® is a lightweight 3D concrete tile, it doesn't require anchoring or substance to hold it up. All you need is a thin set mortar to hold each piece up and most jobs can be done within a day! For cutting Artepiso®, all you need is a wet saw.
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Products Featured:

Artepiso: a lightweight, 3D, concrete architectural tile that adheres to most surfaces. With modern flair and sophistication, Artepiso can be used for accent walls and artistic designs. It can also be painted to provide color and texture to otherwise plain walls.

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