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Join Instone at the Northeast Hardscape Expo and see why natural stone is trending. Whether you ‘re looking for fresh new natural stone colors or have questions, Instone can help. Meet the A-Team and pick up a free t-shirt at the show!

You won’t want to miss the new products we’ll be bringing. Stop by our booth #500 and meet our A-Team, who can show you samples, provide education on applications and let you know how to order. Now read on to learn more about our featured products!


Unlike any other stone veneer product on the market, Pangaea® sets itself apart from the rest with its unique packaging and application technology. Just lift the top off a pallet, and you’ll see for yourself, this product is ready for application right out of the box. Each stone is pre-cut, tooled, trimmed and fitted together like layers of completed puzzles, saving you time, money and product waste. Plus, each pallet layer is pre-blended for optimal color variance and size ratio. You can see exactly how much product you’re getting in each palette and the coloring is quality controlled.

Every Pangaea® pallet is cut, tooled, trimmed and fitted before it comes to you.

“Pangaea® really separates themselves by doing things differently,” says Justin Alicandro, VP of Natural Stone Products, who’s been sourcing stone products for over 20 years. “They take the time to make the best quality thin veneer in the world, hands down. The biggest reason is they hand trim the stones and square them up before they package them. The packaging looks like a mockup for a job. With other products, the mason has to trim the stone, creating a lot of waste. Pangaea® has 100% product yield, and the others have maybe 80%, so it’s a more profitable stone. The mason just takes it out of the pallet and puts it on the wall, for a fast and simple installation.”

If that’s not enough, each Pangaea® veneer piece features Gripset® technology, pre-scored grooves on the back of each stone, enabling better adhesion to any surface. No more worrying about your veneer work moving or sliding.

Alicandro says they’ll also be showcasing a new Pangaea color® at the Expo, Pangaea® Providence, “It has some nice earth tone colors with grays and browns. It’s a blend of five different stones.”

New 2022 Pangaea® Color: Providence Shown 

Learn more about Pangaea® on our product page

Aura Natural Landscapes

Supply chain issues? What supply chain issues? You won’t find a shortage of selection when it comes to our natural stone landscape product line, Aura. Available in a variety of products – paving, steps, treads, slabs and more, plus an ever-increasing line of colors sourced from countries all over the world. “Bluestone is the most popular color in the United States,” says Alicandro. “But because of supply chain issues, a lot of people can’t get it. We try to stay ahead of the competition by continually bringing in new selections and finding alternatives to stones that aren’t readily available. We plan ahead. We order early and often.”

Speaking of Bluestone, Alicandro says they’ll be bringing Aura’s new Italian Bluestone to the Expo, “It’s a very strong sandstone and there’s no iron in it so the color will stay blue. It won’t rust or brown over time.”

Aura Italian Bluestone: New for 2022

Learn more about Aura Natural Landscapes on our product page

Alicandro says they’re bringing a full-color palette to the Hardscape Expo for attendees to see it in person. “We’ll be showcasing some new sandstones. They are the densest sandstones in the world. Some say it’s hard as granite. And it’s a very competitive price point.”

Some colors to look for:

  • Blue Mist
  • Blue Sky Grey (a Blue Mist alternative that doesn’t get as hot)
  • Blue Ice
  • Autumn Brown
  • Oxford Buff

Why Natural Stone?

Natural stone comes from the earth; therefore, it has durability on its side. Using stone products on and around your home will immediately increase its value, not only because of its longevity but it is also resistant to wind, fire, water and bug infestation. “It’s the Ferrari of materials. It’s not manufactured. You can’t get a better-quality product for your home,” says Alicandro.

So come see us at the Hardscape Expo. Check out our products, meet the A-Team and get your free T-shirt! We can’t wait to meet you!

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