Use Aura Natural Stone to Turn an Ordinary Backyard Into an Oasis


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Turn An Ordinary Backyard into An Oasis Using Aura Natural Stone

Spring means the weather is warming and the flowers are blooming. It also means summer is right around the corner and it’s time to get your outdoor space summer-ready. Upgrading your backyard with a new pool or patio will add to your enjoyment factor and increase the ways you can maximize that real estate you paid for. It will also increase your resale value.

Aura Blue Mist 

We spoke with Andrew Everleigh of Environmental Pools, who uses Aura natural stone on pools and patios around the New England area. He says the color selection is really where a project begins. “The color pattern is crucial. You start there and then think about the texture you want.”

The color you choose depends on what goes with your house and what’s popular in your neighborhood, whether it’s the blues and grays or more of the tans and browns. 

Throughout much of New England it’s blue, particularly Pennsylvania Blue Stone that is often requested. Because of its popularity and recent supply chain issues due to the pandemic, this stone often isn’t in stock. However Aura offers equally beautiful blue hues, including Italian Blue Stone, Blue Sky, and Blue Mist. The newest, Italian Bluestone is a very strong sandstone with no iron in it so the color stays blue with no rusting over time.

Indiana Limestone is another popular stone that is often hard to get. For that, Aura has comparable alternatives like Sandy Point and Oxford Buff.

 Before & After with Aura Sandy Point

Aura natural landscapes can add beauty and durability to your new patio and pool area. Aura is a premier source for domestic and imported natural stone for hardscaping projects. There are a variety of stone options including granite, limestone, pebbles, quartzite, sandstone, and Travertine.

Using natural stone products on and around your home will immediately increase its value thanks to its longevity and because it is resistant to wind, fire, water, and bug infestation. Often, it also has greater slip resistance than manufactured stone. 

Aura Blue Ice Thermal Sandstone

Each stone is uniquely beautiful, and Aura offers a large selection of colors and finishes to choose from, sourced from countries worldwide. See the selections in our Aura brochure.

Aura Silver Ridge

Everleigh says it’s best to work with a professional such as a landscape architect or a contractor like Everleigh’s company, Environmental Pools. They have the experience and knowledge required to suggest colors. “They would help narrow down the color options and source samples to see the color in person and feel the texture,” he says.

Aura Sandy Point Granite With Bluestone Coping

For a homeowner, a pool and patio project may feel like a daunting task. Everleigh breaks down where to start. “Everything starts at the master planning level. An architect, or somebody like myself, would work with the homeowner to create a patio layout and determine where everything sits and consider the size of the stones. Homeowners just need to trust the process. We do this work every day and understand the sequencing and different types of topography. Everybody’s yard is different, so every project will take a different approach. Hiring an experienced firm is really important.”

Everleigh says to be sure to hire someone experienced in installing patios and pools. “Don’t just bring in a mason to layout a backyard just from walking around. It takes studying the topography, the water, everything, to make an effective project come to life.”

If you’re not sure what you want your new patio and pool area to look like, you can try doing a few searches online for ideas or look at what your neighbors have. Pinterest is a great source of design inspiration.

Everleigh has a catalog of his team’s projects that he uses to give people ideas of what’s possible. “We go through and narrow down what they’re looking for and see what they like and don’t like. We help drive the conversation based on what we know, as opposed to just having them find photos on their own. There’s so much out there; it can be overwhelming.”

He says outdoor kitchens and bars have been popular for patios lately along with water features for pools. As for color, Aura’s Blue Mist and Silver Ridge granite are the biggest sellers in his New England area.

Landscape Pebbles Accentuate This Poolside Design with Aura Pebbles Beach

Everleigh says that designs for pools and patios don’t really go by trends, since people aren’t likely to rip out a backyard area based on a new style coming in. The looks stay pretty streamlined based on what a homeowner’s friends have done, their home’s architecture, or what‘s popular in the area.

The best piece of advice Everleigh can provide to homeowners wanting a new patio or pool in their backyard is to make a plan. “The more you can figure out ahead of time the better. Working through a design before you start building saves a lot of headaches on the backend.”

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